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Intellectual Property Rights

Concerns about infringement and confusion of how to enforce intellectual property rights threaten business’ viability and livelihood.

You Have a Right to Your Intellectual Property

When it comes to IP rights you may not know what to file, where to file, details & classifications of IP filings, or have the time and resources. Agile Legal can step-up to the plate so you can be assured your IP is safe.

Worrying about infringement and being unsure about how to enforce IP rights can threaten your business' viability and livelihood in the event you don't have an answer to deal with intellectual property infringement.

You deserve to have your intellectual property safe and to have the rewards of hard-earned work. Do not let it all go to waste because of infringement to what you created and let Agile Legal take measures to protect it.

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Your Risk Without Proper Legal Service Management

Stand your Ground on Intellectual property

We understand how blood, sweat and tears, (hard work) goes into creating your intellectual property and the damage that can be caused by intellectual property infringement. We know how to secure the future of your business by protecting your IP with a team of legal specialists, paralegals, and attorneys.

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Intellectual Property Support

Agile Legal always provides the results of our IP searches and are confident in the accuracy of our reporting. Our team will accompany you every step of the way in protecting your intellectual property.

We will give same-day response to all communication received within business hours. Unlike an intellectual property attorney, we won’t charge you for our time within the scope of work. Without the proper legal action, your intellectual property is at risk to being infringed, do not settle for 

Our goal is to help you stop feeling your livelihood is at risk from someone else profiting from your intellectual property and having peace of mind that your future is safeguarded.