Contract Management

Poor contract management costs businesses money in missed revenue, increased expenses, and non-compliance penalties. Unfavorable contract terms, unmet requirements and missed deadlines can destroy an otherwise healthy company.

Effective contract lifecycle management of even a few agreements can be beyond your capacity

Even if you have the latest contract management software and know the best processes for contract lifecycle management, your contracts can threaten the viability of your business without enough human resources with the right skill set at an affordable price.

Secure your business interests & mitigate your risk

Make your contracts work for you by improving the reliability and responsiveness of your contract management so you don’t miss out on revenue.

Free up capacity and time to focus on your business, get more deals done, and reduce turnaround times, with centralized documents and a contract playbook that is continually improved.

Limit your exposure to disputes, breaches and non-compliance so you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary issues instead of growing your business.

Get peace of mind from your contract management

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Contract Clause Library

Concerned about your knowledge of different contract definitions?

View our contract clause library to stay up to date with the terminology you should be using in your contracts.

"Before Agile Legal came to us, our business growth was stunted with a mountain of documents and an inability to keep up filling all of it out. For the last 8 years, we have had all our contracts go through Hanna and the Agile team who have raised the standard of professionalism and time/cost efficiency."

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Contract Management Services

Ineffective and inefficient contract management makes your business vulnerable to risks of missing deadlines, obligations and non-compliance. That’s saying nothing about the missed revenue opportunities, unnecessary costs or lack of enforcement of protection of your brand, intellectual property and operations.

Your contract lifecycle management has the potential to prevent avoidable costs, maximize your revenue opportunities, speed up deals completing and protect your business interests, but only if it is given all the time and attention to detail that it needs.

All of your different contract types can be managed effectively and efficiently by our team of experienced paralegals and legal professionals so your statements of work, leases, master services, agreements, sales agreements, procurement contracts, NDAs, and other contracts can be utilized to safeguard your business.

Order contract management services today to make your contracts work for you and free you up to drive your business forward in other operations and legal projects.