International Services

International Services

Where do you start with company registration, compliance, and entity management when doing business in another country?

Even when there is no language barrier the research is time-consuming and every new jurisdiction has different requirements. Our international services mean company registration, governance, and compliance doesn’t have to slow your entry into a new country and delay being able to earn revenue, or put your compliance at risk from being unable to meet deadlines.

Don't Expose Yourself to Unnecessary Risk

Missed Deadlines

Disorganization during the planning process can lead to missed deadlines, sending your progress backwards.

Delayed Entry

Non-compliance and unfamiliarity with local regulations may delay your entry into a country, sacrificing your time and money.

Unsuccessful Projects

These and countless other disruptions hinder the success of your projects and complicate meeting performance goals.

Simplify all your international compliance work

Agile Legal

Global Subsidiary Management

Subsidiary management can be an area of significant risk for a business, especially if it is operating in multiple foreign jurisdictions and working alongside in-country support with a different lingua franca. Our subsidiary management services are designed to save you time, meet all compliance and regulatory obligations, and give you peace of mind.

Company Secretary

Domiciliation / Registered Office


Tax & Accounting

Are you ready to find an easier method to manage your global subsidiaries? Order our Global Subsidiary Management services. Check out our Global Subsidiary Management page for further information about the services we can provide.

Agile Legal

Formations & Branch Registrations

Agile Legal

Process Agent

Appointing Agile Legal as agent for service of process means your agreements will receive the decades of experience of our senior team of legal professionals. Understanding the variations in deals and structures, Agile provides process agent services designed and priced for your transaction. With flat, fixed fees, our pricing is predictable and simple.

Agile Legal

Searches & Retrievals

Agile Legal

Anti-Money Laundering Services

Agile provides companies with access to a team of AML/KYC  professionals able to assist with identity verifications, registrations, monitoring, and  reporting for fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.



Identification and Assessment


Agile Legal

International Authentications

Agile Legal

Foreign Entity Rationalization & Dissolution

Agile Legal’s rationalization services make it easy to dissolve inactive or unwanted subsidiaries or branches. Dissolving an entity on your own or with a traditional approach can take up to a year to complete, but once you have completed your due diligence our process for dissolving entities can put an end to your liability in a matter of weeks. Let us take that stress off your hands and Agile Legal can handle the dissolution process from start to finish so you can get back to doing your job.

Unsure Where to Start with International Support?

Use our contact us page to get in touch with us to see if working with the international team is a good fit for you.

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International Services

Trying to progress your legal projects in another country can be frustrating. Navigating language barriers, time zones, compliance regulations, access to government departments or even cultural differences, is easier said than done. You shouldn’t have to feel helpless in the face of these obstacles that are beyond your control. Agile Legal’s international services team can take the strain in efficiently completing your legal projects in foreign jurisdictions, from AML/KYC compliance, to international authentications or global subsidiary management. With our expertise in over 100 jurisdictions, we can advance your operational goals by ensuring your international legal projects are completed without undue stress. Few companies have dedicated resources to exclusively handle international projects – you have other responsibilities that need attention too. Engaging Agile Legal to service your international corporate needs means you can have more time to work on other projects that demand your focus so you can end the day feeling satisfied in the knowledge that all your legal projects, at home and abroad, are on track.