International Services

International Services

Where do you start with company registration, compliance, and entity management when doing business in another country?

Even when there is no language barrier the research is time-consuming and every new jurisdiction has different requirements. Our international services mean company registration, governance, and compliance doesn’t have to slow your entry into a new country and delay being able to earn revenue, or put your compliance at risk from being unable to meet deadlines.

Researching requirements to enter a new jurisdiction and how to stay in good standing can be frustrating

Some countries have lots of bureaucracy and if there is a language barrier as well just finding out what is required of you takes a long time

Delays in entering a country are stressful and can impact the bottom line of your business

Staying compliant each year isn’t easy without local expertise and is a lot to manage, especially if you are in multiple jurisdictions

Simplify all your international compliance work

  • Speed up your entry into new jurisdictions
  • Save time and money on governance and compliance
  • Remove the stress and frustration from your global entity management
  • Draw upon expertise and experience from our team and to advance your global entity management
  • Consolidate all your entity management with Agile Legal to save time by communicating with a single point of contact for your subsidiary management projects instead of separate law firms for each jurisdiction
  • Speed up your lines of communication with in-country support who can communicate in the same language as you, so your projects meet their deadlines on time.
  • Do business in the US as easily and stress-free as possible by forming your entity in Delaware with our specialized services
Agile Legal

Formations & Branch Registrations


  • Entity registration
  • Organizational documents, both drafting and maintenance
  • Filings with relevant registries
  • Registered office provision
  • Maintaining compliance, including company secretary
  • Providing a resident director where required
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Searches & Retrievals


  • Registry searches
  • Lien Searches (UCC international equivalent)
  • Litigation & Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens (where applicable)
  • Credit Reports
  • OFAC & Worldwide Sanctions Searches
  • Corporate Document Retrievals (Certificate of Good Standing)
  • Apostilles
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Global Subsidiary Management

Subsidiary management can be an area of significant risk for a business, especially if it is operating in multiple foreign jurisdictions and working alongside in-country support with a different lingua franca. Our subsidiary management services are designed to save you time, meet all compliance and regulatory obligations, and give you peace of mind.

Records Management

  • Minute book holding & maintenance
  • Stock ledger and capitalization tables maintenance
  • Stock certificate preparation
  • Officer/director and beneficial ownership information management
  • Organization charts and signature block maintenance

Board Services

  • Coordination of annual, quarterly, and any special Board of Director meetings, as well as shareholder annual general meetings
  • Preparation of minutes, consents, and resolutions
  • Preparation, assembly, and distribution of Board materials
  • Meeting hosting


  • Preparation and drafting of documentation for share buy backs, transfers, and issues
  • Funding round assistance
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Preparation and filing of corporate amendments and drafting of accompanying consents and resolutions
  • Legalizations, notarizations, and apostilles


  • Docketing and monitoring of compliance and governance alerts and reminders
  • Preparation and filing of annual reports and statements of account balances
Agile Legal

Process Agent

Appointing Agile Legal as agent for service of process means your agreements will receive the decades of experience of our senior team of legal professionals. Understanding the variations in deals and structures, Agile provides process agent services designed and priced for your transaction. With flat, fixed fees, our pricing is predictable and simple.

  • SOP for structured finance, contracts, capital transactions, and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements
Agile Legal

Directorship & Management Services

Independent Director/Member

  • For SPVs and structured finance transactions, bankruptcy remote entities, and other distressed entities in pre-bankruptcy and corporate restructures


  • For subsidiary management, SPVs, holding companies, real estate holding companies, and funds; Agile Directors and Officers can assist with governance and operational needs, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
Agile Legal

Anti-Money Laundering Services


  • Agile continues to monitor activity, media, and identity information and conducts periodic checks to ensure future compliance


  • Agile securely and privately maintains this information for inspection by regulators and performs registrations in accordance with local regulations

Agile provides companies with access to a team of AML/KYC  professionals able to assist with identity verifications, registrations, monitoring, and  reporting for fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Identification and Assessment

  • Agile’s team of professionals assist with verifying personal and corporate identities, information collection, sanction list screening, UBO checks, and PEP checks, customer due diligence (simplified, basic, and enhanced), and providing risk assessments


  • Agile prepares and provides reports in compliance with regulatory reporting requirements such as suspicious activity reports (SAR) related to reportable accounts, related financial account information, and personal information
Agile Legal



  • We offer registered agent services throughout Canada and the U.S. Territories, and other international jurisdictions where a registered agent may be required
  • In countries where registered agent service is not recognized, we provide a registered office address
  • We can provide leased physical space in certain jurisdictions
  • Our full-service domiciliation capability can provide resident company secretary and resident director services where they are mandated by local regulations
Agile Legal

International Authentications


  • Determine the authentication requirements based on the type of document, country of origin and destination country.
  • Arrange legalization steps for the fastest possible approval.
  • Provide walk-in services in most jurisdictions.
  • Communicate with you from first step to last.

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International Services

Setting up overseas entities, keeping them in good standing and managing subsidiaries in multiple countries is time-consuming and stressful. And it only gets worse when you encounter language barriers, excessive bureaucracy, and slow progress on projects that delay revenue generation, jeopardize deals, and threaten good standing. Your subsidiaries should benefit the bottom-line of your business, not be a source of stress that squander your time. Managed, full-service international entity management with one of our Legal Project Coordinators as your single-point of contact will save you time, ensure you meet deadlines on time and transform a source of strength into a source of confidence. Access to our partners in over 100 different countries means you will be able to swiftly communicate in a common language and make sure that you meet all your legal obligations in registering your entity, maintaining compliance, and managing your subsidiaries while at the same time having an efficient corporate structure, avoiding non-compliance penalties and fees, and having effective corporate governance. When you are managing multiple subsidiaries in multiple countries with different regulations, make sure you have peace of mind about your international holdings.