International travel has slumped but global trade is growing

Doing business in foreign jurisdictions is more common than ever before and our new International Services team is here to help.

international services
international travel has slumped

Doing business in foreign jurisdictions is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

However, the importance of overseas trade for companies is matched by its complexity and challenges. Navigating regulations in a different country is a huge unknown entity with significant risks and financial penalties for non-compliance. And having language barriers with in-country support is a source of recurring stress resulting in missed opportunities for revenue and eating up precious time

Something new... A dedicated international services team

Agile Legal has delivered successful international legal services since our inception but we are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated legal team, with a combined experience of 50 years helping companies do business in foreign countries.

international business growth is important for all companies

Get the support you need for your foreign business ventures to thrive

If you need:

  • process agent services with a trusted, reliable in-country contact
  • to expand into a new foreign jurisdiction and need formation and search services
  • to communicate clearly with someone in English who can guide you through your first overseas venture and you don’t know where to start
  • directorship and management assistance with corporate restructuring or structured finance transactions for Special Purpose Vehicles and corporate entities
  • anti-money laundering and know your client identification, registration and monitoring

. . . then send us an email and our VP of International Services will be in communication with you about your legal needs in international jurisdictions.

A full outline of the international services we provide to cover all of your business entity or private fund needs can be found on our website.

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