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Specialized fund industry news is scattered across the web, making it difficult to find relevant, quality information. Are these industry sources on your radar?

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Within the last decade, specialized content has become much more accessible to the general public.

However, not all content is created equal. At every turn, there are blogs and chat sites with industry influencers claiming to have the “top tips” or know the “next best thing” about the industry.

So how do you assess whether a new source provides valuable content, or just creates a lot of noise?

To aid in your search for relevant fund industry news, we’ve compiled high-quality news sources tailored for specialized markets such as private funds, hedge funds, and alternative investments.

Regulator News

Securities and Exchange Commission

The primary source for numerous regulatory updates, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) publishes rulemaking activity, press releases, webcasts, and other content on its website. This information is best suited to the needs of CCOs and legal compliance professionals due to the technical nature of the pieces. Executives looking for convenience can sign up for regular news alerts from the commission, straight to your inbox.

You can sign up for daily SEC updates here.

North American Securities Administrators Association

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) – not to be confused with NASA – is a network of state securities regulators united by goals of educating and protecting investors throughout North America.

NASAA’s website hosts a wealth of knowledge for investors and industry professionals. Via NASAA’s Industry Resources, the association supplies reports, articles, and other resources specific to the needs of investors, issuers, investment advisors, and broker-dealers. The newsroom delivers updates regarding NASAA member activities in government regulation. Insights are shared in various formats, such as news releases, speeches, official publications, and podcast episodes.

Looking for high-quality reference materials? Start at NASAA’s resource hub.

General News Outlets

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones company, publishes a wide range of content from world news, business updates, politics, real estate, tech, and more. The Wall Street Journal has earned its reputation as a highly authoritative source for business and economic news for over 42 million readers.

WSJ Pro is a premium subscription for specialized industry news. Fund industry professionals may find WSJ Pro’s Private Equity, Sustainable Business, and Venture Capital specializations particularly relevant to their interests.

Get a head start by browsing WSJ’s Financial Regulation news.

Financial Times

The Financial Times is a London-based newspaper with global offices, enabling it to produce trustworthy international finance news. In addition to world, company, and tech news, the Financial Times produces news segments specifically for professionals involved in ETFs, fund management, cryptocurrency, and more.

Like the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times provides group subscriptions to a subset of specialized industry publications through the FT Specialist division. Nineteen publications are available with some targeting corporate boards, financial advisors, mutual fund boards, and ETF management. Interested professionals can view content through a trial before committing to the subscription.

Learn more about FT Specialist publications.


Bloomberg is a trusted global leader for business and financial news. Explore Bloomberg’s segments for news about SEC rulings, alternative investments, international economic climates, proposed deals, and various industry trends. Complex information is often interpreted and simplified, appealing to a wider audience of professionals. Bloomberg’s newsletters provide more bite-sized content pieces – perfect for a quick skim of industry updates.

It’s helpful to note that Bloomberg’s portfolio is not siloed in news publication. The Bloomberg Terminal, the company’s signature hardware and software, is widely used to provide coverage of markets and industry trends for finance professionals. Furthermore, the company also offers products revolving around data, risk, and compliance.

Check out Bloomberg’s market news here.

Niche Fund Industry News

Private Funds CFO

Private Funds CFO, a publication of PEI, publishes news most relevant to financial and legal professionals within private equity firms. Turn to Private Funds CFO for daily news revolving around the compliance, technology, reporting, and finance of the private equity industry.


Like many other sources, Private Funds CFO distributes a free daily newsletter. Visitors can access content – but only up to a point. Once reaching a free content limit, visitors will be prompted to subscribe for unlimited access. Paid subscribers gain access to 4,000+ articles, networking opportunities, exclusive insights, and invitations to conferences. Make sure to read the fine print as some of these benefits are exclusive to employees of private fund managers.

Browse Private Funds CFO’s website for more information. 

Managed Funds Association

The Managed Funds Association (MFA) advocates for and supports the alternative asset management industry. The association publishes press releases about its representation efforts before government entities. Stay informed by browsing featured research articles or taking advantage of yearly events hosted by the MFA across the US. You can also become a member to engage with other professionals in the industry and gain access to special perks.

Check out the efforts the MFA has recently made within the industry on the MFA’s blog.

Hedge Fund Law Report

Hedge Fund Law Report (HFLR) is a subscription-based source of intelligence for hedge fund industry professionals featuring insights published by attorneys. HFLR publishes proprietary research via articles and webinars covering a large range of topics. The site provides in-depth, technical analysis best suited for GC, CCOs, and other sophisticated audiences. Viewers should keep in mind that the site’s interface is not as user-friendly as other sources. 

Learn more about HFLR and its subscription here.

Hedge Week

Hedge Week is another resource for the hedge fund community, tailoring content for fund managers, allocators, and service providers. Hedge Week provides its audience with daily news, research insights, and event programming to promote industry collaboration. Special reports are also published annually with direct focuses on jurisdictional, regulatory, technical, and product investment issues.

Be sure to check out Hedge Week’s monthly industry reports for larger, concentrated content pieces.

Irish Funds

Irish Funds, also known as the Irish Funds Association, is a representative body for Ireland’s international investment fund community. Irish Funds publishes industry news and resources specific to the needs of Ireland and the EU. Members gain access to additional research, industry resources, and networking opportunities through a membership portal.

Check out the association’s events calendar to find annual conferences for the public.

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