Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

Filing for corporate bankruptcy is not a decision that is taken lightly. When you decide to follow this route you want to have confidence that the bankruptcy services you use will take care of your matter efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let the many dimensions of bankruptcy matters overwhelm your capacity

From preparation and filing to management and discharge, there are dozens of elements to keep track of in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you and to secure your business interests. When you are leading your company and staff through bankruptcy you don’t want to be tied up and distracted by time consuming tasks that can be handled by external bankruptcy services.

Secure Your Business Interests

You don’t have to figure out everything you need to do in your bankruptcy matter. Our expert paralegals and legal professionals will accompany you every step of the way.

You can focus on decision-making and big picture planning instead of being distracted by the legal project management of your bankruptcy matter.

Avoid spending valuable hours managing schedules with courts, meetings with creditors and debtors, so you can wind up your entity in a timely manner.

Stay in control of all the moving parts involved in bankruptcies

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Bankruptcy Services and Support

Agile Legal Services provides comprehensive bankruptcy services and support for all bankruptcy proceedings for both creditors and debtors under Chapter 7, 11 and 13. Our team of virtual attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals have years of experience in petition preparation, drafting of motions and objections, ECF filings and case management. Agile Legal helps clients manage costs throughout the process by providing support only when you need it. Our fee models fit into your legal budget so you will better manage the legal spend when supporting bankruptcy projects. Agile Legal provides these services in varying combinations of fixed fee or an hourly basis enabling you to have more predictable costs. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your bankruptcy projects.