Corporate Transparency Act Services

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Services

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) levies new obligations on reporting companies that bring with them new risks from non-compliance. Agile Legal can make sure you avoid those risks, put you in compliance, and ensure you stay there. 

New companies that are formed after the effective date and are non-exempt will have 30 days to submit their initial beneficial owner information report. Existing companies that are non-exempt will have until January 1, 2025 to submit their initial reports.

Not Complying with the Corporate Transparency Act Puts Your Business at Risk

In addition to your usual day-to-day responsibilities, reporting companies must now submit beneficial owner information reports to FinCEN – as many as one every month.

The Corporate Transparency Act is brand new, coming into effect Jan 1, 2024. CTA compliance is unfamiliar and time-sensitive, adding to the pressure you're already under.

Corporate compliance is already hard enough. You need an easy pathway to CTA compliance that will protect you from up to $10,000 in fines or 2 years of imprisonment.

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Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act

As someone with decision-making and legal responsibilities in your company you may well feel at a loss as to where to start when it comes to complying with these new regulations. Agile Legal is here to simplify the compliance process and keep you compliant by managing the whole process of meeting the CTA’s requirements.  

In order to be compliant with the CTA’s regulations, you must first determine if any of your entities fall under one of the 23 exemptions. For any non-exempt companies, you then need to report your beneficial owners or employees with substantial control over the business. While you may be hesitant to release your personal identifying information, compliance with these requirements will protect your business from harsh fine and penalties.

Agile Legal’s team of attorneys, certified AML professionals, and senior paralegals have studied the new law extensively. We’ve designed a system so we can keep our clients compliant with the CTA’s regulations.

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance

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Managed Services for Corporate Transparency Act Compliance

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Managed CTA Compliance – Enterprise

Policy Creation

Reporting Company Exemption Analysis

Beneficial Owner Identification

BOIR Preparation

BOIR Filing and Monitoring

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Managed CTA Compliance Lite

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Prepare and File Beneficial Owner Information Report

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Exemption Analysis

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Beneficial Ownership Identification

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Process and Policy Creation

Comprehensive review and documentation of policies and processes for maintaining compliance with CTA, including Reporting Company duty to verify and make diligent inquiry.

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Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Services

The effective date of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is swiftly approaching. While pre-existing reporting companies will have until the end of 2024 to submit their beneficial owner information, companies should not delay in gathering their information. Failing to submit reports on time can lead to harsh consequences – up to $10,000 in fines or 2 years imprisonment, or both.

Compliance with the CTA demands significant attention to detail and timeliness, not to mention a deep understanding of its requirements. Agile Legal’s team has expended time and resources to become subject matter experts of the CTA. Engage with us today to ensure your business is compliant and won’t be dragged down by government penalties.