Successful Implementation of Legal Process Outsourcing

The legal industry continues to see year over year increases with the number of companies leveraging Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), or Alternative Legal Services (ALS) providers. Among them the “fractional” staffing model termed to define very senior, skilled, and tenured team members, however they are not employees. Typically, the fractional term has been reserved among various c-level positions. (CFO, CMO, CTO, etc.) Agile Legal is unique in that we bring this model to the legal services space where the c-suite, in-house legal teams, and outside counsel receive the following benefits: on-demand access to scale-able resources, improved competitiveness, and reduced legal costs up to 50%.

Aligning Expectations

Legal support services should enhance you and your team, but there is no benefit unless these providers meet or exceed expectations. Proactive and regular communication at the start of the relationship and throughout is critical to successful integration.

Effective communications are those that:

Effective Task Delegation

Alternative legal service providers supplement, not replace law firms. Knowing what types of tasks can be delegated is critical. Legal administrative tasks represent the majority of legal services provided. Such tasks span across compliance and governance, labor and employment, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and other areas of legal needs. Utilized correctly, legal service providers help reduce costs of your total legal support needs.


The pace at which your business’s strategies and needs increase determine your company’s ability to engage properly aligned legal support resources. Those resources must offer versatility across a wide range of capabilities to enable business partners to spend more time focusing on the business.

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