Who Is Agile Legal?

Agile Legal provides a full suite of virtual legal services for private funds, law firms, and small to mid-size businesses in the United States and abroad. We offer a personalized approach with quick response times, dedicated project management, and a commitment to collaboration and inquiry – ensuring that we understand your objectives and how to best support the success of your projects.

Since 2006, Agile Legal has been serving clients across a range of practice areas, providing compliance and management services for private funds, paralegal support for businesses and law firms, and a full range of corporate legal services. From Blue Sky and SEC compliance to mergers and acquisitions, litigation, real estate, contract administration and international support, we offer on-demand services to help you increase your capacity while lowering your overheads. Our team includes licensed attorneys, senior paralegals, and dedicated legal professionals working together to bring you the outcomes you need to regain control of your projects, accomplish your strategic goals, and meet your objectives.

Our team of legal professionals is composed of international experts in their field and represents decades of experience in large law firms and corporate legal contexts. The Agile Legal team brings professionalism, efficiency, and passion to their work. Because we are a service company, not a staffing company, we provide you with access to our full range of experts, ensuring that we are adaptable in meeting your needs as the scope of a project shifts and develops.

Agile Legal

Your Legal Projects Don’t Have to be a Concern

Choose from the wide range of services we offer, from a full suite of corporate legal services to paralegal support and private fund entity management. Our order form is quick and easy, allowing you to give us an overview of the project and the services you require.

After you order a legal service, you will receive a follow-up call and our experienced team will collaborate with you to align our services to your requirements. We are committed to probing questions and careful listening, ensuring we understand your objectives so we can meet and surpass your expectations for success.

Once you have discussed your needs with our team, relax as your legal projects are handled by experienced professionals, allowing you to keep projects on track, meet your goals and have peace of mind.

Do you still have questions about how Agile Legal’s services can help you control your legal projects? Make an appointment to talk with someone from our team or sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

Agile Legal

How Agile Legal Brings You Peace of Mind

If you’re a business needing support in fulfilling your legal obligations and protecting your interests, we are here to provide on-demand corporate legal services tailored to the particularities of your company’s needs. Let us manage your legal projects so your time and energy can be spent on strategic planning, not basic upkeep.

We also provide on-demand paralegal services to law firms and corporations in need of experienced, affordable, and fast-responding team members. Whether it’s some quick research, help with a specific project, or on-going assistance, we’re here to offer the support you need for as long as you need it.

Finally, we specialize in providing fund compliance services to private funds, managing federal and state compliance requirements, including SEC and Blue Sky filings.

Agile Legal

Agile Legal’s Commitment to You

Our team is collaborative, dedicated and thoughtful. We believe that success can only be achieved by fully understanding the specifics of our clients’ needs and working together to meet those needs. We relentlessly pursue solutions that lead to the successful completion of projects, and we are careful in assessing tasks and meticulous in reviewing results. We believe in attending to every detail of your project with care, attention, and the utmost professionalism.

When you are faced with chaotic legal projects, we are here to ensure you don’t face unnecessary exposure. We understand the breadth of challenges facing your business every day, which is why we provide the resources you need to manage your numerous legal projects and mitigate risk.

Regain control of your legal priorities today. If you’re facing the stress of too many demands on your time and attention, allow us to bring clarity and confidence to your legal tasks, so you can regain certainty about your projects and their outcomes.

We know that when you have your legal matters under control, you worry less. Let us restore peace of mind to the challenges you face.

Timeline: A Little History

2001: Attorneys don’t have to worry about drafting agreements from scratch that they haven’t needed before. That’s why LeapLaw was founded – to provide attorneys with practice summaries, knowledge bases, and forms to support their legal practice, saving them time so they can focus on growing their practices and be more efficient.

2002: Well before alternative legal service providers became trendy in the legal sector we saw the value of an innovative approach to performing legal work and managing legal projects. Virtual Paralegal Services (VPS) was founded to deliver on-demand, full service support to law firms and businesses, across the United States, taking the same principle of LeapLaw, saving attorneys time and increasing their productivity, to more areas of legal practice, including corporate compliance and governance, mergers and acquisitions, e-discovery, and protecting intellectual property.

2013: Agile Legal was formed as an alternative legal services provider specializing in agile project management of legal matters so that in-house and outside counsel have a flexible solution with predictable costs to executing their tasks and larger projects. Agile Legal acquired VPS expanding its service capacity and adding its innovative agile legal project management to the on-demand services and paralegal expertise VPS offered.

2014: Fund Services was added as a supported practice area to focus on the compliance needs of private funds and select public offerings such as Reg A, Tier 2, especially in relation to state Blue Sky laws. This specialized area of the legal market could now benefit from an alternative legal support model with improved service delivery that is also more cost effective at mitigating the risk to which their offerings are exposed.

2021: Agile Legal formed its International Services team to focus on needs US based businesses face with legal compliance around the world, and also the needs businesses outside the US face with US based legal projects, ranging from global subsidiary management to process agent services for private agreements.

Meet Our Staff

Reyner Meikle

Reyner Meikle, Esq.

CEO & President
Karen Redman

Karen Redman, ACAMS

VP, International Services
Rebecca Reilly

Rebecca Reilly, Esq.

Operations Manager, Fund Services

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