Contract Management Team

Fighting for a breath when your business is being suffocated by a rising pile of contract responsibilities and maintenance can be disheartening as a competent entity. Whether it’s developing safe contract templates, reviewing, and summarizing deals, or managing claims and disputes, these projects can steal valuable time and effort that’s costing your business with financial penalties and consequences.

Agile has the right legal professionals and paralegals to execute your contract burdens.  We have contract paralegals who have worked in their field for 20+ years and have backgrounds with large corporations and law firms managing contract responsibilities. They deal with contract issues every day and consistently deliver successful results with every project.

Get ahead of your contracts and avoid the penalties of being ill prepared with Agile Legal’s contract management team of legal professionals. The process is easy; you get in touch with a legal project coordinator who becomes your single point of contact for your contract management projects and acts as a liaison between your entity and the legal professionals taking on your contract responsibilities. This simplifies communication so that you have a responsive and resourceful representative to rely on.

Contracts are essential in every industry; business objectives are sidelined when contract management becomes too much to handle. This influx of contracts will only stray you further from your goals. Agile Legal will alleviate the pressure of contract management.

Renee Stenberg

Renee Stenberg | Contracts Practice Manager

Poorly constructed contracts can expose companies to unnecessary risks, with additional costs in time, money, and personnel resources. Renee Stenberg has over twenty-five years of experience in law firm and corporate settings. She brings care, accuracy, and a depth of legal and technical knowledge to contract management, through negotiation and preparation, to review. As a contract specialist, Renee has provided procedural guidance and contractual support for strategy sessions and negotiations to risk-exposure analysis and redline recommendations. Renee offers a wide range of administrative support to attorneys, managers, and executives. Renee has an MPS in paralegal studies with a concentration in government contracts from the George Washington University, DC; a BS in information technology and visual communications, as well as an AA in business administration, from the University of Phoenix, AZ; and an AA in legal assistance from Hagerstown Business College, MD.