Litigation Team

Sifting through the litigation process can be a treacherous road to walk on when your business or law entity lack the experience, time, and knowledge to safely reach the end, and lawyers are much too expensive. The consequences of not being ready to face discovery/e-discovery motions, project litigation management, post-trial closings and more will cost your business operational and financial consequences if you don’t get the right help to get these out of the way.

Agile Legal is the help you need. Our litigation team is comprised of paralegals and other legal specialists, some who have 20+ years of experience in the litigation field. Our team is dedicated to your litigation proceedings and will not be satisfied until all your businesses or legal entity’s related projects are successfully completed. Our team ranges paralegals and other legal specialists involved in litigation areas of contracts, family law, and bankruptcy, etc. Our litigation team has dealt with hundreds of clients and cases in the past and consistently have delivered success. The team has backgrounds from major law firms and accrued accolades from many of the larger legal institutions.

Don’t let the legal projects mount on top of your business or entity, let a legal professional from Agile Legal take the weight of litigation off your shoulders. The process is easy; You get in touch with a legal project coordinator who becomes your single point of contact for your legal projects and acts as a liaison between your entity and the legal professionals taking on your litigation duties. This simplifies communication so that you have a responsive and resourceful representative to rely on.

Our team understands the time and effort litigation can amount to. Litigation expertise is not something you expect to need. Agile Legal will manage your litigation process so you don’t have to.

Aaron Enzor

Aaron Enzor | Director of Legal Services & Litigation Director

Large litigation, e-discovery, and bankruptcy projects involve hard-to-solve challenges, from staffing capacity needs and technical solutions to litigation docket management and timely delivery of work product. With over twenty-five years of paralegal and legal management experience, Aaron Enzor customizes appropriate solutions for law firms and corporate clients. He has extensive experience in chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, paralegal training, e-discovery best practices, coordinating resources, and assisting with complex litigation. Aaron is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education and the Legal Compliance Association and has a certificate in paralegal studies from Kaplan College for Professional Studies, Boca Raton, FL.