Global Subsidiary Management

Global Subsidiary Management

Where do you start with company registration, compliance, and global subsidiary management when doing business in another country?

Even when there is no language barrier, the process is time-consuming and every new jurisdiction has different requirements. Using Agile Legal’s global subsidiary management means all these different requirements don’t have to delay earning revenue or put your compliance at risk.

Common Problems When Managing Global Subsidiaries


Delays in entering a country are stressful and can impact the bottom line of your business.


Language, informational, and political barriers make the process of expansion frustrating.


Lack of local expertise shouldn't hold you back from managing global subsidiaries.

Simplify Your Global Subsidiary Management


An Experienced Service Provider that Understands Your Global Subsidiary Management Needs

Agile Legal understands that entering a new country is a complicated web of requirements and regulations. Each country has its own laws which offer their own unique challenges, and it can be difficult to navigate these challenges on your own.

Agile Legal is trusted by clients to manage over 2,500 entities across the world. Let us take care of your entity compliance so you can focus on your operational strategy across the world.

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Global Subsidiary Management Tiers

Company Secretary
Registered Office
Treasury, Tax & Payroll Services

To simplify your entity management, Agile Legal has designed tiers that package our management services, making it easier for our clients to get the help they need.

Not Sure What Services You'll Need?
Contact our international team and we can advise what tier is best for you.

Where We Can Assist With Global Subsidiary Management

We have extensive country coverage across the globe

Agile Legal's Global Subsidiary Management World Map

This map shows the countries where Agile Legal currently manages entities. These countries are categorized either as Band A or Band B. These bands are based upon the differing levels of complexity of corporate compliance for entities in those countries. Download a comprehensive list of the countries where Agile Legal can currently manage your entities.

Band A countries have fewer and less complicated regulations for entities than countries in band B. This often correlates with whether a country has a civil law or a common law legal system. Countries with civil law systems tend to be more bureaucratic and stringent with compliance, requiring more work and expertise.

Learn more about the impact of common law and civil law legal systems on global subsidiary management in our blog article.

Looking to Dissolve a Global Subsidiary or Branch?

Agile Legal provides cost-effective and timely rationalization services to help you dissolve underperforming subsidiaries and branches. Check out our International Services page to learn more.

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Global Subsidiary Management

Setting up overseas entities, keeping them in good standing, and managing subsidiaries in multiple countries is time-consuming and stressful. And it only gets worse when you encounter language barriers, excessive bureaucracy, and slow progress on projects that delay revenue generation, jeopardize deals, and threaten good standing. Your subsidiaries should benefit the bottom-line of your business – not sources of stress that squander your time. 

Our full-service global subsidiary management, with a legal project coordinator as your single point of contact, will save you time, ensure you meet deadlines, and transform a source of stress into a source of confidence. Agile Legal can help manage your existing entities, establish new ones, or even dissolve entities if you are in need of entity rationalization. We can manage your relationship with your current in-country partner or use our network of partners in over 100 different countries to find a new partner if you need to change your service provider. 

Working with Agile Legal means you can swiftly communicate in a common language and ensure you meet your legal obligations. Our team helps you maintain an efficient corporate structure and good governance and avoid non-compliance penalties and fees. We can also help you manage your data in any entity management software you may be utilizing. When you are managing multiple subsidiaries in multiple countries with different regulations, make sure you have peace of mind about your international holdings.