International Services Team

Entering a foreign jurisdiction without the right legal back-up can be dangerous for a company establishing their presence. There are different requirements to stay in good standing, delays in entering a country can impact your entity’s objectives, language barriers multiply time and effort, and staying compliant is challenging without local legal knowledge.

The international team here at Agile Legal will be able to maintain your legal endeavors whether it’s international subsidiary management, directorships and management, or anti-money laundering services, etc. Our international team is comprised of legal professionals who have worked in the likes of Washington D.C.  for international conglomerates in anti-fraud, compliance, and market research for over some 20+ years each.

Our team has a grasp on the legal red tape that can be expected when establishing your entity in another country, whether the U.S. or somewhere else, the Agile Legal International team can lead the way for your foreign endeavors. The process is easy; You get in touch with a legal project coordinator who becomes your single point of contact for your legal projects and acts as a liaison between your entity and the legal professionals working on your international legal projects. This simplifies communication so that you have a responsive and resourceful representative to rely on.

We see the confusion that can occur without the legal resources and experience to establish a foreign entity. Attempting to mitigate your foreign entity without the knowledge of international compliance and governance opens room for risk of financial consequences. Have confidence knowing Agile Legal will guide your foreign business endeavors.

Karen Redman | VP, International Services

From ensuring compliance with domestic and international regulations, to effectively marketing products and building partnerships, the process of building a thriving global business can be overwhelmingly complex. Karen Redman is an innovative product manager, specializing in global entities, international structures, beneficial ownership best practices, and worldwide public record due diligence with expertise in business development, performance optimization, and financial analysis and management. She is a certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS), a certified fraud examiner (CFE), a certified project management professional (PMP), and a member in good standing of the Law Society, London, UK. Karen holds a JD from the College of Law, Guilford, UK, an LLM from the University of London, UK, and a BBA in business law and international business administration from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Karen Redman
Melissa Poulard

Melissa Poulard | VP, International Services

Businesses face a myriad of complexities when seeking to expand internationally. From building and maintaining global partnerships to navigating international compliance and governance obligations, expert guidance can mean the difference between failure and success in a foreign market. As a subject-matter expert in setting up businesses in over 50 countries, Melissa Poulard provides global expansion solutions for her clients. She has a proven track-record in meeting and exceeding targets, and her thorough understanding of products and services allows her to offer a concierge-type experience, assisting businesses in identifying the best strategy for long-term success. Beyond registering US entities in foreign jurisdictions, her areas of expertise include corporate law, legal research, due diligence, and legal compliance. She has international vendor contacts in over 160 countries and works directly with numerous international registries and jurisdictions. As a service consultant, she provides consistent, up-to-date communication to assist in project and account management.